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All the references listed here are available online.

A few sources have been of incredible importance for the on-line researacher:

First and foremost is the Internet archive. A non-profit whose goal is to provide free access to media of all sorts. Check it out for anything you might be interested in — old songs, TV shows, newpapers, books, films, etc. etc. Here is the link to the site: The internet archive. If you enjoy the fruits of their labor, donate to them as I have done: Without the work that they have done for me, I could not have done this work for you.

Thomas Hooker (1586-1647


  • The History of the First Church of Hartford 1633-1833
  • Timeline for Connecticut History
  • Hartford: An Epic Poem. William Colegrove, 1905. The history of Hartford as an epic poem. Strangely readable
  • All material available on Internet Archive for Connecticut history

Thomas Shepard

Witchcraft in Connecticut

Isabella Beecher Hooker and Women’s Suffrage


Henry Hooker & Co manufacturer of High Grade Carriages


Going West

  • Recollections of a California Pioneer. Autobiography of C.S.Abbott. Only a minor reference to Hooker’s Arizona ranch, Sierra Bonita, but a very readable account of one man’s travels from the east coast to California and various side trips. He had a ranch close to Sierra Bonita.